Word of mouth

In place of trying to explain why this place is so good, I'm just going to quote the text conversation I had with my fiancé after my haircut (expletives edited for the children):

Me: That was the best f$€kin haircut I have ever had

Her: LOL. i like how you choose to cuss about a haircut of all things

Me: You don't understand. It was so good

Me: I make an appointment 15 minutes ahead of time. Show up and get shown to the lounge where there are sports and TV and good beer

Me: Then I get my hair cut by a very nice woman, about our age, talk about random things, her kids, California being weird, israel. She does a good job cutting.

Me: Then after the haircut, she is like let's washout the loose hair which was the one thing I was worried about because I have no shower access. So I get a hot towel on my face while I get a legitimate head massage‍

Me: Which also happens to wash the itchy hair bits off of my head

Me: Then, she stiles it and it's looking really good and I'm like this is great 

Me: THEN she does hot foam straight razor shave to the back of my neck 

Me: THEN she is like.....shoulder massage time and takes out this big massage device and I get a shoulder massage while i am cracking up because wtf

The woman who cut my hair was Kassandra Mahoney. It seems strange for me to be this excited about a haircut but it was unbelievable. I'm currently writing this review from the lounge where I'm finishing my beer. 

-Jamie G.

Great place for a great haircut! I'm very picky when it comes to my haircut and of course customer service.  I've tried floyds 99, sports clips, smart clips, birds down the street, and a few others.  Nothing and no one even comes close to this place.  Kasandra is who I only go to now and she's amazing!  

Aaron K.

Lou Reyes
Kassandra is awesome! I always consistently receive the best haircut. I  could get my hair cut easily near my home but I travel about 45 minutes because I KNOW I'll get a fantastic haircut...AND I can have a beer!!!

Tallie Ellis
Best hair cut I have ever had. I have always gone to a barber and Kassandra is a genuine professional. Perfect atmosphere with cable and drinks! 100% Best in Austin. Do not pass up this experience.

Jordan Goble
Kassandra has been cutting my hair for years and does an amazing job. She is very professional and her new shop is awesome! Go see her and you will never go anywhere else!

Stacy Black
I make an extra effort to drive up to see Kassandra, she does an incredible job.  
It's rare to get highly skilled matched up with witty and fun, plus the new digs

Anthony Stover
Kassandra was my barber when she was elsewhere.  Friendly and the best haircut I've ever had. Easy booking as well.

Bryan Boyd
Kassandra is awesome!  Always gives a great, well-textured haircut and is fun to chat with.  The lounge is clean and comfortable.

Bion Tsang
I have followed Kassandra from her two past locations and will drive from southwest Austin for her haircuts.  Highly recommended!

Jon Mick
Easy to book an appointment! Always friendly! Great haircuts!